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Family and friends coming with you?

It’s 9 weeks to go, are you traveling alone or with friends and family?

There’s lots to do for your friends and family in Coniston and we very much encourage them to come along and enjoy the atmosphere. If you’re competing in the 50 miles event, we very much encourage you to arrive Friday afternoon and join us for the iconic Lakeland 100 start, followed by the children’s fun run.

Here’s some of the things you need to know beforehand:

1. Camping is free for competitors, paid for within your entry fee. Subject to any last minute issues, we also allow your family and friends to camp with you free of charge. All we ask is that you don’t abuse this rule and bring 50 supporters, each with a 20 foot marquee. Competitors are our priority so please be fair.

2. The cafe, bar and coffee shop are open throughout the weekend, closing at 11pm Friday. Your family will be able to greet you at the finish line and food / refreshments will be available right through Saturday evening to Sunday morning. We’ll have live music on Friday evening 7:00 – 10:30pm and everyone is welcome.

3. There will be a live screen in the marquee which shows the anticipated finish times and progress of all competitors. This will not be available from 11pm Friday to 8am Saturday, but will be available right through Saturday night into Sunday evening. Your family and friends can track you on the sportident website, but there is no wifi at event HQ and 4G is ‘sketchy’ at best.

Spectators can sign up for SI Updates, you can do this within your SI entry by adding mobile numbers that you’d like texts to be sent to as you pass through each checkpoint. This is the same as the info displayed on the big screen, supporters will receive a text to inform them of the CP and the time you went through. There is a cost for this to cover texting charges etc, but this is the best way for your supporters to keep up to date with your progress throughout the event. We’ll send out more details closer to the event.

4. There’s loads to do in Coniston and not least visiting the lake! Take a look at some of the things to do by GOING HERE

5. The Lakeland 100 starts Friday 6pm after our traditional live rendition of Nessun Dorma. Make sure you are there for the 100 start, the streets are lined and it’s an amazing spectacle.

6. The Lakeland 001 starts Friday at 6:30pm from the main gantry. It’s a free 1 mile fun run to Coniston Lake and back. We encourage all the children to take part, no matter what age and family members are very much encouraged to join them!

7. The Lakeland 50 starts at 11:30am on Saturday from Dalemain Estate. Your family can drive there (you can opt for coach transport, but this is for competitors only). Your family are also welcome to join you for the first 4 miles of the 50 route, as you’ll complete a 4 miles loop and the pass the 50 start point. If they don’t want to join you, they can watch you start and then cheer you through at the 4 mile marker! Parking is free at Dalemain for family and spectators.

8. Event briefings and presentations will be held in the school hall. Can we please ask that friends and family DO NOT attend the briefings as it will prevent other people from accessing the hall. EVERYONE is welcome to attend the presentation on Sunday!

WE NEED YOUR HELP – Please read the points below

Every year we have lots of spectators asking us where to go to support runners. Spend a bit of time with your family planning where to meet them and your anticipated time of arrival. You should also plan the route between meeting points as the Lakeland roads can be tricky and navigating can be more stressful for your family than it is for you as a runner!

1. With the exception of the first 4 miles round Dalemain estate, supporters cannot run on the course with you, this is deemed outside assistance.

2. Supporters MUST NOT enter the checkpoint buildings, CP staff will ask them to leave as they generally ‘get in the way’ of other competitors and CP staff.

3. There are specific points on the course where they can watch you. We have agreed with local councils, National Trust and National Park to avoid key areas. If your supporters go to these areas to watch you, it may result in a disqualification. The specific areas where supporters can watch as as follows:

100 Course:

  • Coniston (start and finish – please do not support in village centre after midnight as this can upset local residents)
  • CP3 Wasdale (specifically from Wasdale Inn)
  • Keswick – back of Fitz park before climbing Latrigg and on A66 approaching this point

50 & 100 Course

  • CP8 Dalemain Estate (parking available and friends / family of 50 competitors may join you for the initial 4 miles loop)
  • Pooley Bridge – main village (100 & 50 competitors)
  • CP12/4 Ambleside – main village (100 & 50 competitors) *can spectators please avoid entering the Parish Hall checkpoint. Ambleside is a key location for spectators.
  • Skelwith Bridge Hotel
  • Elterwater village – BE QUIET IF IT’S LATE

What is our recommended plan?

If you are taking part in the 50, our recommended plan is that your family watch you at Dalemain then go directly to Ambleside. Driving to Howtown, Mardale and Kentmere is an awful trip, especially if you don’t know the roads and it’s also not allowed as a spectator point. They should drive to Ambleside via A66 and turn left and St John’s in the vale, to avoid the Kirkstone Pass. If they leave Dalemain at 12:30pm, they will reach Ambleside at 1:30pm, runners arrive from mid/late afternoon onwards, most are arriving in the evening. There’s plenty for them to do in Ambleside and it is also the best atmosphere on the route! From there they could move quickly and drive to Skelwith Bridge Hotel to see you at the road crossing, before moving on to Coniston.

100 runners, there’s no spectating on the West and it’s a Hellishly dangerous drive if they attempt to go over Wrynose and Hardknott to see you. Keep your family safe, let them watch the start and then Saturday morning, arrange to meet them in Keswick as you pass through on your way to Blencathre CP. They can then head over to Dalemain and there’s plenty of opportunity to see you there. From Dalemain, the same applies as above for the 50 runners. Ambleside via the A66 and St John’s in the vale, quickly to Skelwith Bridge and then to Coniston.

It Is extremely difficult for us to police the above regulations so we are asking YOU as a competitor to take responsibility, help us to ensure the race runs as smooth as possible and also to ensure that the event continues to take place every year forwards from now.  Every year a small number of people think the rules don’t apply to them and send their friends to every checkpoint and every year we have someone being rude to checkpoint staff when they’re told they are not allowed in. We’re not trying to spoil your enjoyment, we’re trying to ensure that you get the best help at each checkpoint without someone else’s family getting in your way. We’re trying to keep residents and landowners happy to guarantee the future of the event. We’re trying to ensure that your family are safe, don’t attempt a perilous journey and enjoy the weekend as much as you hopefully will.

9 weeks to go people…. crack on.

Montane Lakeland 50 & 100 Team


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What’s at Coniston HQ?

We’re getting closer to the big Lakeland weekend so we thought we’d let you know what’s in store at Coniston HQ. Last year as many will already know, the school was closed due to construction work, so we had to erect a very large marquee for briefings, catering, registration, coffee shop and just about everything else.

This year we have the school back, but unfortunately for us, competitors liked the marquee and wanted to keep it for 2018. So, we’re going to have both. The marquee will be used for registration as per last year. Matt and ‘The Farmers Wife’ team will be back again to do all our event catering and post-event meals. Rinaldo of the famous Rin’s Coffee will be back with his coffee shop and this year we’ll be adding a bar to the proceedings so you can have a few bottles or glasses the night before you race. We’ll have live music on Friday night and will be expanding our entertainment which was received so warmly last year.

If you’re running the 50, make sure you join us for Friday evening and soak up the atmosphere. You’ll want to be there before the start of the 100 event as it’s an amazing spectacle. Bring your family and children to take part in the FREE Lakeland 1 event, which follows the 100 start.

We’ll be using the school hall for all event briefings and it will also be used for the presentation post-event. For those who haven’t been before, the school hall is 100m from the marquee, so not far to hobble!

Timings for the weekend:

1. Race HQ opens Friday 27th at 9am
2. Lakeland 100 briefing in school hall, Friday 27th at 4:30pm
3. Lakeland 100 start, Friday 27th 6pm
4. Lakeland 1 Family Fun Run start, Friday 27th 6:30pm
5. Lakeland 50 briefing in school hall, Saturday 28th at 8:30am
6. Lakeland 50 start, Saturday 28th at 11:30am from Dalemain Estate
7. Lakeland presentation, Sunday 29th at 12 noon in school hall

Camping at Coniston School is available free of charge. There are portable toilets and showers on site for all competitors, there is also water access. We have secured a second field for camping (which we used last year) and have improved the field access point. This means that we will have plenty of car parking and camping space, so shouldn’t need to limit competitors and their families. If you are bringing a camper van or caravan you will be directed to the bottom field (there is no electricity hook up). If you are camping, you will be on the school field, once the school field is full, you will be directed to the bottom field.

In previous years when we had limited parking and camping, we insisted on one car and one tent (no bigger than a car) per competitors. This is not the case for 2018 as we have much more room, but please not that closer to the event if we have any issues such as heavy rain / flooding, we may change the camping regulations to limit space.

Dogs are allowed on the school / camping field, but must be kept on a lead at all times. They are not allowed in the school at any time but are allowed in the marquee so long as they are on a lead. There are no fires allowed and camping is only available from Friday 9am through to Sunday 4pm.

This year is going to be our biggest ever party and you’r all invited.


Lakeland 50 & 100 Team

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I’m dropping out, how do I get back to HQ?

At the Montane Lakeland 50 & 100, we are one of the few events who offer a transport service to get you back to HQ if you should pull out. The planning of such a transport rota is a major cost for this event and is a huge logistical challenge as many checkpoint are a 4 hour round trip from HQ. You should study this timetable and ensure that you are fully aware when and where you can pull out and how you can get back. Before we go any further there are some simple things you need to understand:

1. This rota is a huge challenge for us and the transport providers, please appreciate that in most other events, you would be expected to find your own way back.

2. With that in mind, NEVER complain to checkpoint staff if you are there longer than expected and you want to be transported home more quickly.

3. The emergency kit in these situations will prove vital. If you are wet and tired and have to wait several hours for transportation, dry clothing will be priceless. Get changed, stay warm, have a nap and expect a long wait in some cases.

4. If you drop out and you are not considered a severe medical emergency, you are not our priority. Our priority is those people who are still trying to reach the finish. With that in mind, stay out of the checkpoint, make space for those still competing and do not get in the way of the checkpoint staff who are trying to support. If you are able, offer your help to the CP staff to see if they need extra help, if not, please stay out of the way and let them do their job.

5. These are estimated times and all planned journeys are flexible to deal with circumstances which may occur during the event.

Montane Lakeland 100 Course Only

CP1: Seathwaite

You’re dropping out here? Really? No pick up from here, it’s 10k into the course, if you drop out here and it’s not a serious medical emergency, you really need to have a serious word with yourself. Don’t expect a ‘high 5’ when you stroll back into HQ because you won’t get one.

CP2: Boot

Minibus leaving Boot at 11:00pm which will then continue to Wasdale arriving 12:00 midnight. If you drop out here and do not have serious medical problem, see comments above regarding CP1 and go back to Parkrun.

CP3: Wasdale

Minibus leaving Wasdale at 00:45 and arriving back at Coniston with drop outs from Boot and Wasdale at 02:45am. The Strollers will be here manning the checkpoint so their entertainment may give you some temporary alleviation from your pain and sorrow. Remember all that motivational nonsense you posted on Facebook, walk past the bus and step forwards towards Blacksail Pass.

CP4: Buttermere

Minibus leaving 04:30am and arriving back at Coniston 06:00. Minibus will call at Braithwaite and Blencathra en route to Coniston if required. IMPORTANT – If you’re late and miss the cut-off, not only are you out of the event, but you won’t get a hot dog and milkshake at the American Diner. Nobody will be rewarded for failure at this event.

CP5: Braithwaite

Minibus will call 05:00am en route to Coniston arriving 06:30am. Coach will pick up 06:00am en route to Coniston arriving at Coniston 07:30am. You’ve made it through the first night, so give yourself a small round of applause but don’t get carried away. You will get no sympathy from Tony and Giselle who manage this CP, so don’t waste your breath.

CP6: Blencathra

Minibus will call 05:20am en route to Coniston arriving 06:30am. Coach will pick up 06:20am en route to Coniston arriving 07:30am. Coach will pick up 07:20am en route to Coniston arriving 08:30am. CP is managed by Trawden AC and they’re keen to ensure in their first year that NOBODY stops here.

*Coach will pick up from Blencathra 09:30am and transport competitors to Dalemain, arriving 10:30am, you will stay at Dalemain until 13:30pm to be transported back to Coniston 14:30pm – LONG WAIT, YOU MAY AS WELL CARRY ON AND GET YOUR MONEY’S WORTH.

CP7: Dockray

Coach will call 12:30pm and transport to Dalemain for 13:00pm. coach will then leave Dalemain 13:30pm and transport back to Coniston 14:30pm. If you’re searching for motivation, you might find it here. The CP manager Dave Ralphs is known for his invigorating and inspirational speeches which rival people such as Yoda and the Dalai Lama. We fondly remember the time he told Stuart Mills to “shut up, sit down, stop eating that ‘gel sh*te’, have a butty and then bugger off….” Stuart went on to win the 100.

CP8: Dalemain

Coach will leave 13:30pm and transport back to Coniston 14:30pm. Second coach will leave Dalemain 16:30pm, calling at Howtown 17:00pm (if required). Coach will stay at Howtown until 18:00pm then continuing to Coniston to arrive 19:45pm. There’s hot food, pick and mix and a place to lie down here, it’s such a lovely place. There’s also a warm bus waiting to take you back to Coniston if you have failed. This is where the weak one’s stop, in full view of all the 50 starters.

Montane Lakeland 50 & 100 Course

CP1/9: Howtown

Single coach leaving 18:00pm arriving Coniston 19:45. Runners in the 100, if you’re going to stop, do so here and don’t set off for Mardale, it’s the toughest leg of the route. Runners in the 50, if you drop here without a serious medical emergency, serious questions need to be asked about your level of commitment.

CP2/10: Mardale Head

The stretch from Howtown to Mardale includes the climb up Fusedale (known as the cauldron) and then the long section of Haweswater (known as the killer). You’ll be glad to reach the Mardale Head CP but if you’ve gone off too hard in the 50, this is where you’ll stop and this is where we have the biggest percentage of 50 drop outs. The Spartans of Delamere once held back an army of 45,000 at this narrow pass, piling up the bodies of wilting ultra runners and using it as a barricade. Don’t be one of them.

CRITICAL – IF IT’S LIKELY YOU WILL DROP OUT AT MARDALE HEAD, DON’T LEAVE HOWTOWN. A coach will arrive 11:00am and this coach will not leave until 5:00pm. A second coach will remain until 11:00pm, arriving back at Coniston 01:00am. IMPORTANT – If you drop out at Mardale, you may have to wait 10 hours to be transported back. Remember this when deciding whether to continue, whether to stop and at which checkpoint you do so.

CP3/11: Kentmere

Feeling a bit tired here? My heart bleeds… You chose to enter it and the terms and conditions clearly state no refunds at this point.

Minibus leaving 16:30pm and arriving back at Coniston 18:00pm, calling at Ambleside, Langdale and Tilberthwaite as required en route to Coniston. Further minibus leaving 21:30pm and 01:00am to arrive back at Coniston 23:00pm and 02:30am, calling at Ambleside, Langdale and Tilberthwaite as required en route to Coniston.

CP4/12: Ambleside

If you make it to Ambleside circus staffed by Mountain Run and Nic’s Nordic Walks, you have broken the back of both routes. Of those who reach Ambleside, the majority go on to finish. Try to carry that positive thought with you as you lie on your back cramping whilst shoving flapjack into your mouth like there’s no tomorrow….

Minibus leaving 17:00pm and arriving back at Coniston 18:00pm, calling at Langdale and Tilberthwaite as required en route to Coniston. Further minibus leaving 22:00pm and 01:30am to arrive back at Coniston 23:00pm and 02:30am, calling at Ambleside, Langdale and Tilberthwaite as required en route to Coniston.

CP5/13: Langdale / Chapel Stile

It’s so comfy here, you’ll get a warm welcome, nice food, shelter and you’ll want to sit down and rest. The checkpoint will whisper to you…. move closer…. you can hear it…. “stay a while, rest here, don’t leave, it’s such a long way and you’ve done so much, why not stop here?” The checkpoint lies, do not listen to the checkpoint. For the 100 runners, if you genuinely hear the checkpoint talking to you, then the hallucinations have started.

Minibus leaving 17:30pm and arriving back at Coniston 18:00pm, calling at Tilberthwaite as required en route to Coniston. Further minibus leaving 22:30pm and 02:00am to arrive back at Coniston 23:00pm and 02:30am, calling at Tilberthwaite as required en route to Coniston.

CP6/14: Tilberthwaite

If you ask to drop out at Tilberthwaite, you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. Get your sorry arse up the stone steps and onwards to glory. The steps were sent to test you at your weakest, but this will be your finest hour. Lakeland legends do not drop out at Tilberthwaite.

Shuttles to be arranged as required due to close proximity.

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Lakeland 100 & 50 Recce Day 4 – Dalemain to Ambleside, 27th May 2018

Recce Weekend 4 covers the course from Dalemain to Ambleside May 27th. The specific times and details are as follows:

Sunday 27th

The coaches will pick up from Compston Rd, opposite Zeffirellis Restaurant. To see the location GO HERE. The coaches will leave at 7:30am, please be there 7:15am at latest. The coaches will drop off at Pooley Bridge as opposed to Dalemain which shortens the course for the day slightly by missing a flat section across fields. If for any reason you intend to go direct to Pooley Bridge, please meet close to public toilets in centre of village, coach will arrive approximately 8:15am. You will need to locate Terry and add your name to the list of those running.

There are 4 checkpoints on this section during race day, only 3 of these will be manned for the recce:

1. Howtown (not manned)
2. Mardale (manned)
3. Kentmere (manned)
4. Ambleside (finish) – THE CHECKPOINT IS PARISH HALL

*Based on the above, we suggest that you do not descend the hill to Howtown checkpoint but continue to Mardale (On race day to reach Howtown you have to descend a steep hill for 800m, then retrace your steps back to the route).

We will have a list of all runners and walkers on the course and you must ensure that the person at Mardale and Kentmere checkpoints knows you have passed through. Basic refreshments will be available (water/biscuits or similar) but please carry anything specific you wish to eat and drink.

At the finish (Ambleside Parish Hall) you are required to ‘sign in’. PLEASE ENSURE YOU VISIT THIS CHECKPOINT and don’t return direct to your car.

Other things to consider

Bring map, roadbook and GPS if available, it is your responsibility to do the preparation beforehand and be ready to go. We will not have maps, roadbooks or any GPS assistance on the day. You must also bring full kit, the recce provides the perfect opportunity to test any equipment.

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Kit Check and Carrying Emergency Provisions

So the 2018 event is looming, with only 12 weeks to race weekend, so it’s time we started to talk through the things you can expect on race weekend. The first of our blog posts will focus on kit check… the source of much entertainment for over 10 years. At event registration, you will be required to carry the selection of compulsory kit. It’s important for everyone to understand the requirements prior to the weekend as without all of the items, you will not be allowed to start.

Before we go any further, there are a few simple rules which may well help to answer your questions:

1. All runners must carry all kit, this relates not just to solo runners but to everyone running as a pair.
2. There are no exceptions to rule 1 under any circumstances.
3. Please don’t try to ‘beat the system’. Bring the items on the list below and save yourself the hassle. We’ve seen it all before, we’ve heard it all before, it didn’t work then, it won’t work now.
4. Never, under any circumstances should you ask “is this really necessary to carry all this stuff in July?” It really is and you really need to trust us on this one. If in doubt, ask on the Facebook group, it’ll make their day. They love to recount stories of driving rain, at 2am and being close to hypothermic… In July.
5. Do we actually check at the finish? Yes… all prize winners are checked and there is a random check of finishers throughout the event. But this really isn’t about us trying to catch you out, it’s about you being completely safe.
6. Don’t email or contact us to question the purpose, rights and wrongs of this kit list. We’ve had too many close calls and it isn’t up for discussion. Save your energy, turn up with the right stuff and have a great weekend.

Here goes…

1. First aid kit to include: blister plasters, dressings, bandages and tape to secure dressing as a minimum requirement. We also recommend Vaseline, paracetamol and antihistamine. Use your common sense and ask yourself, what are the circumstances that could arise and what would you need to resolve it.

2. Full WATERPROOF body cover, top and bottom. Windproof or water resistant is not sufficient, your clothing must must be recognised as fully waterproof with taped seams. Plastic jackets, ponchos or bin bags will not be accepted…. yep, that really does happen. Garments must be a good quality and recognised as fully waterproof.

If you need to know whether your jacket and trousers are fully waterproof, speak to the people you bought it from or contact the manufacturer for clarification. All mountain and fell races are compulsory waterproof top and bottoms, so most people are pretty clued up with this kind of thing. 

3. Spare base layer top and bottom – must be full length bottoms & long sleeve top. A pair of warm running tights and a long sleeve running top or thin fleece are ideal. Let’s clarify:

  • Three quarter tights or cycling shorts combined with long socks are not acceptable.
  • Short sleeve tops are also not acceptable.
  • Leg warmers or arm warmers with shorts or short sleeve tops are not acceptable.

IMPORTANT: Seal the spare base layers in a watertight/plastic bag and leave them at the bottom of your pack. The spare base layers should not be worn at any time during the event unless you are faced with a race ending emergency. If poor weather and a drop in temperature lead to you using emergency base layers, then you have not packed enough spare clothing. This means that you should bring 2 sets, the first set should be opened in an emergency, the other set is for you to use in general during the event.

4. Head torch / spare batteries if required to last one or two nights depending upon your race distance. Please don’t bring a cheap torch with old batteries which cuts out after 20 minutes leaving you stumbling around in the darkness, with your iphone as your only means of spotting the large rock you are about to fall over. You’ll be hitting the night sections in the latter stages and you’ll be tired. Make it as easy as it can be, bring a good quality / charged torch, make sure the batteries are brand new, bring spare batteries and ideally learn how to use the torch.

5. Mobile phone fully charged. IMPORTANT – there is reception throughout the course (not in it’s entirety). If you are lost between checkpoints and identified by our live timing system as outstanding at a checkpoint, SWITCH YOUR PHONE ON. It is likely that we are trying to call you and you can call us using the numbers in your road book. To conserve the battery life on your phone, please see point 4 above, regarding head torch quality.

6. Whistle – If it’s built into the buckle on your pack, check it works VERY WELL. We will check the whistles at kit check if we’re in doubt. Should you find yourself in an emergency situation, a whistle can be used to attract attention. The recognised sign for help is 6 long blasts followed by 1 minute silence. Please don’t use this at checkpoints to attract the attention of helpers and request sugar for your tea, they’ll probably insert it into another part of your body.

7. Hat and gloves (BUFF or similar is acceptable as hat). That’s a simple one…

8. Emergency foil blanket or bivi bag, large enough to cover whole body. Don’t cut down your foil blanket in an attempt to save weight. A foil blanket which is only big enough to roast a small mouse, will not be accepted.

9. Emergency food equivalent to 400kcal e.g. 2 mars bars. If you’re following a low sugar / high fat vegan based paleo plant diet then yes, you can opt for something other than mars bars and you’re free to choose. If you need advice, refer to earlier comment about the Facebook group, but under no circumstances should you expect a serious answer.

IMPORTANT: Seal the spare food in a plastic bag and leave them at the bottom of your pack. Do not eat the emergency food at any time during the event unless you are faced with a race ending emergency. If you eat your emergency food, you did not pack enough spare food. NOTE – the emergency food is not ‘in case you get hungry’, you should have extra, spare food to deal with such as issue.

10. Map (supplied at registration, waterproof and pre-marked) Harvey 1:40,000. Ideally, please learn how to use it beforehand. If you should spot someone at the start of the event holding the map upside down and looking in the opposite direction to the actual route, please notify your nearest marshal.

11. Road book (supplied at registration on waterproof paper). There is a copy on the website which you can download for familiarisation purposes. The road book is a written description of the route, turn by turn.

12. Compass (you must know how to orientate a map using a compass and take a simple bearing to provide direction). IMPORTANT – bring actual compass. A compass on your phone or Garmin is not acceptable due to the risk of battery life running out. For those born in the 60’s / 70’s don’t bring a gadget for drawing circles with a small pencil attached… wrong compass.

13. Plastic cup or mug, or preferably 2 cups.

Okay… buckle up people, here we go. The use of disposable cups grew to an unacceptable level and for that reason there will be no disposable cups at checkpoints this year for either soup, hot or cold drinks. We would like competitors to carry a SOLID plastic/metal mug for hot drinks and soup and then a 2nd cup for cold drinks, which can be collapsible (you will get a Lakeland 50/100 branded collapsible cup at registration).

The cup for soup and hot drinks MUST BE SOLID as it’s to dangerous for both marshals and competitors to pour hot fluids into collapsible cups. If you prefer to use a soft flask or water bottle for cold drinks, rather than a collapsible cup, that’s acceptable.

If you’ve never done the event before, under no circumstances should you ask advice regarding cups on the Facebook group. You just need to trust us on this one… ‘can of worms’ doesn’t come close to explaining the situation.

If you have any genuine questions about kit, give us a call at The Endurance Store on 01257 251217. Don’t mention cups… we’ll hang up.

It’ll be here before you know it so time to push on.

Montane Lakeland 50 & 100 Team

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Lakeland 100 Recce Day 3 – Buttermere to Dalemain, 25th March 2018

Recce day 3 takes place from Buttermere to Dalemain and covers the 2nd quarter of the 100 course. The route is one of the easier sections with relatively good tracks and few aggressive climbs and descents.

On the Sunday morning the coach will pick up at 8:00am from Dalemain Estate near Pooley Bridge, please park your cars in the car park at Dalemain estate but use the far back section of the car park. To see the location GO HERE. The coach will then drop off at Buttermere Village Hall to start the run (60-75 minute drive), to see location GO HERE.


Sunday 25th March

07:30am arrive at Dalemain Estate and park your car
07:40am board coaches at Dalemain Estate
08:00am coaches leave Dalemain and travel to Buttermere
09:15/30am start run from Buttermere

Checkpoints will be manned at Braithwaite, Blencathra and Dockray with water and basic refreshments, but please bring your own snacks and any other specific products required.

You will need to print a road book from the route details section of the Lakeland 100 website, if you are using GPS download the track/route. You can also pre-mark a route map to help with navigation, there is a map link provided on the same page on the website.

As with all recce days, full kit as per the Lakeland 100 kit list is compulsory for all participants.

To register CLICK HERE.

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Montane Lakeland 100 Recce Day, Coniston to Buttermere, Sunday 12th November

The opening recce for 2018 event takes place on Sunday November 12th and covers the ground from Coniston to Buttermere. This section is the first 25 miles of the Montane Lakeland 100 course and it’s a challenging section. The day starts from John Ruskin School and the first call is Seathwaite CP1. From here the route heads to Boot CP2, Wasdale CP3 and finally it’s a long, steep and tough section to Buttermere CP4, including Black ©iancorless.comIMG_5078UTLD2014Sail Pass and Scarth Gap. The final sections of this recce in particular are steep and rocky with rough descending. Last year many did the final section in the dark and the last finished at 9pm Sunday night.

All are welcome for this recce day (including 50 runners) but you must be fully prepared and confident of your navigation skills. You must bring all of the equipment specified on the compulsory kit list, including head torch!

Boot to Buttermere is the toughest section of the whole course and will be done in the dark during the actual event. Last year, the final finishers for this recce reached Buttermere at 9:00pm, it is a long day.

Timetable for Sunday November 12th:

7:00am Arrive at Buttermere and park
7:30am Coach pick up from Buttermere, bottom of Newlands Pass: GO HERE FOR PICK UP LOCATION
9:15am Coach drop off at Coniston John Ruskin School to start run
8:00pm Last anticipated finisher at Buttermere

Cut off times: Seathwaite 2.5 hours from start / Boot 5 hours from start / Wasdale 7.5 hours from start. Those after cut off will be returned to Buttermere in minibus.

You should be prepared to navigate and learn the route, the guides will support you. You should bring full kit as per the event requirements and you will need a copy of the road book (which can be downloaded from the site) and a map (either printed from the site or purchased). If you have a GPS you should also bring this, the routes are available from the Lakeland 50&100 website. please not that there will be no GPS support throughout the weekend and we will not have access to the routes/tracks for you to download.

How do I sign up?

To sign up GO HERE, all recce days cost £15. The cost includes refreshments at checkpoints and coach transport. You will need to find your own accommodation, we suggest Buttermere Youth Hostel or other accommodation in Buttermere/Keswick.

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