Lakeland 100 – 500 Club

2015 was the first year we created the elusive 500 Club to recognize the brilliant achievements of those that have successfully completed five Lakeland 100 events. Below is a list of those inducted so far and the number of successful 100 completions:

Matt Neale 9
Gary Warmington 7
Ian Boardley 6
Nigel Harrison 6
Jody Young 6
Tony Maxwell 5
Lawrence Eccles 5
Kevin Perry 5
Nathan Walsh 5
Mike Dunn 5
Charles Brent 5
Philip Musson 5
Jon Pitchford 5
Simon Webb 5
Nick Ham 5
Jason Sherwood 5
Martin Thomerson 5
Brandon Webb 5
Raj Madhas 5
Steve Harvey 5

This year we have seven athletes ready to run their way into the club, so without adding any additional pressure on their shoulders the seven runners are:

Chris Brookman
Duncan Oakes
Alan Lucker
Antony Brown
Steven Major
Jonathan ‘the legend’ Steele
Carl Hobbins

Good luck to the magnificent 7 and we look forward to inducting you into the 500 club in the not so distant future.

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