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Lakeland 100 – 500 Club

2015 was the first year we created the elusive 500 Club to recognize the brilliant achievements of those that have successfully completed five Lakeland 100 events. Below is a list of those inducted so far and the number of successful 100 completions:

Matt Neale 9
Gary Warmington 7
Ian Boardley 6
Nigel Harrison 6
Jody Young 6
Tony Maxwell 5
Lawrence Eccles 5
Kevin Perry 5
Nathan Walsh 5
Mike Dunn 5
Charles Brent 5
Philip Musson 5
Jon Pitchford 5
Simon Webb 5
Nick Ham 5
Jason Sherwood 5
Martin Thomerson 5
Brandon Webb 5
Raj Madhas 5
Steve Harvey 5

This year we have seven athletes ready to run their way into the club, so without adding any additional pressure on their shoulders the seven runners are:

Chris Brookman
Duncan Oakes
Alan Lucker
Antony Brown
Steven Major
Jonathan ‘the legend’ Steele
Carl Hobbins

Good luck to the magnificent 7 and we look forward to inducting you into the 500 club in the not so distant future.

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None Shall Sleep…

Completing 100 miles within the 40 hours time limit requires runners to travel through at least one full night, often 2 . Hallucinations are common amongst competitors and in 2012 one runner was convinced that he had passed opera singer Paul Potts (Britain’s Got Talent winner) and ‘swore blind’ he humming Nessun Dorma at the time. The relevance of this story is that Nessun Dorma translates as ‘none shall sleep’ which seemed appropriate given the circumstances of the runners. Roll forwards 12 hours and during the Sunday presentation party, a Twitter conversation with Paul Potts, reveals that it was in fact him on the course and not a hallucination at all…. much to the amusement of those tired souls who attended the presentation.

Such was the relevance and popularity of this story, in 2013 we adopted Nessun Dorma as the official Lakeland 100 anthem, to be played at the start line. Runners and families were silent as the anthem played and there were a few tears shed for the epic challenge they were about to embark upon.

Following that moment in 2013, our anthem was set and it’s now part of the event history. Each year we invite an operatic tenor to sing Nessun Dorma and this year Chris Lafferty will be performing live at the start line.

Whether you’re supporting a 100 runner, or taking part in the 50 mile event, don’t miss the start of the 100 mile event from Coniston John Ruskin School at 6:00pm, Friday 27th July. It’s is truly an iconic moment.

The children and family 1 mile event follows at 6:30pm, so make sure you book the Friday afternoon off work and travel up early as it’s not something you’ll want to miss.

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