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Lakeland 50 & 100 Recce Days 2017/18

The recce days give you the opportunity to practice on the course and experience the terrain and navigation required. We split the 100 miles route into 4 sections to cover the full 100 course. The 50 mile event is the final 50 miles of the 100 course, so this means that your relevant sections are 3 & 4. You can register by clicking the relevant links below, but read the following information, which gives you a better understanding of how the weekend works. Each recce day costs £15.

Section 1: Coniston to Buttermere (100 course only) Sunday Nov 12th
Section 4: Ambleside to Coniston (50 & 100 course) Saturday January 27th – NIGHT RUN
Section 2: Buttermere to Dalemain (100 course only) Sunday March 25th
Section 3: Dalemain to Ambleside (50 & 100 course) Sunday 27th May

Q: Why are the sections done as 1/4/2/3 and not just 1/2/3/4?

A: Anyone doing the 100 should be very comfortable running on the fells in the dark, this may not be the case for 50 competitors, especially if it’s your first ultra. The sections covered are therefore based upon daylight hours, length of section, level of ability required for 100/50 runners and the potential weather conditions at that time of year.

Q: If I’m doing the 50 can I join the 100 runners for sections 1 & 2?

A: Of course, we welcome everyone as these are great training runs and the 50 may well be a stepping stone to the 100, so a recce of sections 1 & 2 may be very useful. Things to note are that these sections are tough and may be done in darkness. Last year during the recce of section 1 (due to take place in October) runners were still finishing at 8pm in the evening, completing Blacksail Pass and Scarth Gap in darkness. For those of you not familiar with the Lake District, those climbs and descents are not for the inexperienced.

Q: All recce days are ‘point to point’ so how do we get our cars back?

On Sunday morning (Saturday afternoon for Jan recce) you need to drive to the end point for that day and you will be collected by coach and taken back to the start. For example, recce section 1 November 12th, Coniston to Buttermere. On Sunday morning you will drive and leave your car at Buttermere. You will be picked up by coach and driven to Coniston to start the run for that day, finishing back at your car. This might sound a little complicated… ‘you’re at the start, you then drive to the finish, we then bus you back to the start’ but it is the best format as explained below.

Q: Why do we drive to the finish and not just bring you back by coach?

A: Faster runners can often finish the recce days up to 6 hours quicker than the last runners. If the coach were waiting to bring you back, it would have to be in place for 6 hours to collect everyone before you can get back to your car! Alternatively, we’d have to have multiple buses running shuttles which would not be logistically possible. Driving to the finish means that we can collect everyone together, it also means that at the end of the day, you can get in your car and go straight home!

Q: What if I’m coming on the train or don’t have a car?

A: Please don’t presume that you can get a lift back to the start or to the station when you reach the end of the run, this isn’t the case. If you are traveling by train or don’t have a car, we suggest that you go onto the Facebook page and try to arrange with others beforehand. The organisers cannot ferry any runners back to the start or any other location.

Q: What’s at the checkpoints?

A: We will count you through and provide ‘basic’ refreshments such as water, biscuits and flapjack. You should carry your own food and drink if required. You will also be counted in at the finish.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Full kit list as per website, food and drink, mobile phone charged, map and roadbook printed from website, GPS if you have the option – route downloaded from website.

Q: Will there be people to guide and help me navigate

A: Whilst there may be a number of people running who are there to guide, presume that the answer to this is NO. Ultimately you need to navigate yourself and you need to bring all the items as above, which will help you navigate the course.

Q: When does the sign up close?

A: Sign up closes on the Wednesday prior to the recce weekend as we need to confirm coach size and requirements.

Q: If I’ve signed up, when do I get final details regarding pick-up times, location of guest talk etc?

A: We will email all those signed up on the Monday prior to the recce weekend, details will also be posted on this blog page in the week prior. You can find the blog page by going to the Lakeland 100 homepage and clicking the blog link.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Each day, including refreshments and coach transport is £15.

Q: If I can’t make it can I transfer my money to the next recce day?

A: You’ll need to tell us 1 week in advance otherwise this won’t be possible as transport, venues and refreshments have been booked and paid. If you tell us a week or more in advance.. no problem..

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Welcome to the 2018 Montane Lakeland 50 & 100

Welcome to the 2018 Montane Lakeland 50 & 100. We’d like to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit more about the event. We are The Endurance Store, a small independent running shop based just outside Wigan in Lancashire and we also organise a series of trail running events, including the Montane Lakeland 50 & 100.legends

We started this event in 2008 with a very small number of competitors and since then it has grown beyond our expectations. In 2018 we are planning our biggest and best year. When we started the event in 2008, we approached Montane to request sponsorship and they agreed, despite the very small number of entries in year 1. Without their support over the last 10 years, we would never have been able to develop the event into it’s current form.

Entries filled very quickly this year and often people ask why they are required to enter on September 1st for an event which is 11 months away. Our reasoning is quite simple, for those doing the 100 event and for many doing the 50, you will need 9 months to fully prepare. If you have a place in the event, you are now able to plan your year and your winter preparation for July 2018 with a guaranteed goal. The reality is that the Montane Lakeland 100 is not successfully completed on the last weekend of July, it’s completed in the months of November to March, in miserable, dark and cold weather. There are few people who are motivated to train hard through the darkest winter months, based on an event which they ‘may or may not take part in’.

Our view is that you haven’t ‘entered a race’, you have registered for an 11 month journey which starts right now. Gaining a place will give you the motivation you need to get out of the door and hit the trails. Many of you will already be planning your training for the winter period and you will be looking for other events which can fill your weekends. Part of your journey will hopefully include our recce weekends, the first of which takes place November 12th.

We’ll keep in touch over the winter with regards to the progress of the event and what’s on. If you’re local or find yourself in our neck of the woods, come and join us for our Saturday morning trail club which runs October to March or the legendary Tuesday night Bat Run Series.

For now, well done on gaining a place. I’m sure we’ll see you soon and if not, we’ll see you in Coniston on Friday July 27th, 2018.

Welcome to the #LakelandJourney and welcome to the #LakelandFamily.

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