Who’s looking after you… a guide to checkpoints, 1-14

Checkpoint 1, Seathwaite Village Hall, Seathwaite Superheroes

GLL Ulverston is a friendly, community focused indoor and outdoor leisure facility offering a 25m swimming pool, modern gym facilities, Cumbria’s largest tennis centre and much more. This year they will be teaming up with Ulverston Triathlon Club to greet you at the first checkpoint on your 100 mile journey. Their theme for the checkpoint is superheroes, team manager Caroline does a very good Wonder Woman!

Visit: http://www.northcountryleisure.org.uk/south-lakeland/ulverston-leisure-centre
Visit: http://www.ulverstontriclub.com

Checkpoint 2, Corn Mill, Boot, Eskdale, Mexico

For the 100 runners you’ll be facing darkness soon after this checkpoint so this is the perfect place for Petzl and CP manager Martin Bergerud and their theme is all things Mexican!! This year Martin and his team will be feeding, hydrating, supporting and pushing you onwards to Wasdale. Martin is an all round mountain man, runner, cyclist and great guy so you are in safe hands. Part of Martin’s role is to ensure that petzl produce the best products for ultra runners.

Visit: http://www.petzl.com/en/outdoor

Checkpoint 3, barn close to Wasdale Inn, Wasdale (CIRCA 1984)

It’s the ‘Stroller Disco’… if you ran last year, I don’t think we need say more.

Based in the North East is an immense army known as The Sunderland Strollers. They are regulars at ultra running events throughout the UK, competing or supporting. Many of the members have already taken part in the Montane Lakeland 50 & 100 and they have an elite team ready and waiting for you at Wasdale checkpoint. With Blacksail Pass and Scarth Gap looming, you’ll need ‘lifting’ at the Wasdale CP, the Strollers are the team for the task. Imagine a barn in bleakest Wasdale with glitter balls, 80’s disco music and excessively flared trousers. Throw in a few affro hairstyles and you get the picture.

Visit http://www.sunderlandstrollers.co.uk/

Checkpoint 4, Buttermere Village Hall, Buttermere, California

Bev & Kim (don’t need to say any more for the regulars) will be staffing this point and the theme is ‘American Diner’. Coffee and doughnuts? Drive in movies? Last year their milkshakes went down an absolute storm!

Checkpoint 5, HMS Braithwaite, The High Seas

Tony and Giselle are at CP5 and that’s probably as much as we need to say for those who’ve done the event before. They’ve been there every year, feeding, supporting and pushing people onwards and they are the first ‘real food’ stop (mains and pudding!!). Tony and Giselle have been long distance runners and walkers for many years and have racked up more LDWA events that they’ll serve hot meals in July. If anyone complains, you will be made to walk the plank as the pirate team running HMS Braithwaite will not take any abuse from slackers.

Checkpoint 6, Blencathra Centre

A full name is not required, he is the man simply known as ‘little Dave’. He’s done it beforehand, both 50 and 100 so he’s the man equipped to keep you going. Little Dave is quite famous now, but many have suggested that this fame is attributed largely to the chocolate cake supplied by his mum. The chocolate cake has special properties and has been the difference between dropping out and finishing for many competitors.

Checkpoint 7, Dockray, Matterdale

Checkpoint 7 is found at the end of the old coach road, in a deserted car park, usually in the early hours of the morning and that’s why you’ll be pleased to see them. The Newburgh Nomads are a running club from Lancashire who have experienced your pain, the guys and girls who staff this CP are Old Skool. This CP is renowned for cowbells and grumpy men who resemble something from last of the summer wine.

Visit: http://www.newburghlancs.co.uk/code/ClSoc.htm

Checkpoint 8, Dalemain House, Pooley Bridge

The ‘half way stop’ for the 100 course which is in fact not half way at all and it is the start of the 50 mile event. Dalemain is manned by The Endurance Store and this year’s theme is MASH. Those of a certain age will remember this classic TV programme and the tent at Dalemain very much resembles a medical tent with bodies sprawling on the grass, taking intravenous cola.

The coaches drop off at this point for the 50 runners to start and friends family get a great spot to view as runners initially complete a 4 miles loop before starting their journey to Coniston. Friends and family may choose to join you for the first 4 miles rather than watching, after that you’re on your own.. apart from 1000 other people.

Visit: http://www.theendurancestore.com

Checkpoint 9/1, Bobbin Mill, Howtown, Mid West

The first CP for the 50 runners and you’ll have barely broken sweat. After a great trail along Ullswater you drop to Howtown for the first stop and then start the first real climb up Fusedale valley. The checkpoint is managed by Chia Charge. As you can imagine, with barely an hour of running gone by, this checkpoint can be a little ‘manic’ with runners grabbing food and drink, recording their time and then dashing back up the hill in the direction of Mardale. Don’t annoy the CP staff, a few of them are gunslingers so show respect when you roll into (Howdy)town…

Visit: http://www.chiacharge.co.uk

Checkpoint 10/2, Mardale Head Car Park, Mardale

Delamere Spartans are a collective of trail runners who shun tarmac in favour of adventure and good times in the great outdoors. The brotherhood of Sparta is a bond that cannot be broken. In Sparta you will find friendly bravado and good old fashioned ‘encouragement’ for all. They live wild in Delamere Forest, their spiritual home and out on the killing fields of Cheshire. The Spartans are driven on through wind, rain, sleet and snow. Even darkness turns to light in their presence. They are committed to finding personal limits and once discovered, they smash through them like a truck on a colossal mirror.

Treacherous Persians cower (NB: not many Persians at Mardale) as the Spartans find glory through their victories. Witness their banner at races, from the friendly Lakes of the North to the burning pit of hell known as the South (their words not ours, for our Southern friends reading this). They are the Delamere Spartans, what’s your occupation?

Visit: http://www.delamerespartans.org.uk/

Checkpoint 11/3, Kentmere Institute, Kentmere

This year we have a new team at Kentmere. Montane have handed the reigns over to Team Mountain Fuel. They will be serving pasta and pancakes, a trusted combination.

Visit: http://www.mountainfuel.co.uk

Checkpoint 12/4, Parish Hall, Ambleside Circus

Checkpoint 12 is Ambleside Parish Hall and the stop is managed by Ringmaster Nicola Merrett of Mountain Run & Nics Nordic Walking.

Reaching Ambleside is a great landmark so you’ll be glad to reach the parish hall and you’ll welcome the relief. Some of you will reach Ambleside before last orders, no stopping in the pub please, it’s not in the spirit of the event…

Visit: http://www.mountainrun.co.uk
Visit: http://www.nicsnordicwalks.co.uk

Checkpoint 13/5, Chapel Stile, Langdale

A great place to start and an amazing place to visit. Chapel Stile is staffed by ‘the Howards’. The checkpoint is an oasis of calm, runners sitting outside on sofas and armchairs, warming themselves next to wood burning chimneys whilst mellow music playing in the background.

The checkpoint is staffed mainly this year by Ross Howard. The family own Grove Cottages of Ambleside, if you are looking for a wonderful place to stay for a week of recce and training, this family know a bit about the course and you couldn’t possibly meet a nicer bunch of people. Once again the Howards will be staffing CP13, Chapel Stile, it’ll be hard, but try not to stay too long.. ;)

Visit: http://www.grovecottages.com/

Checkpoint 14/6, Tilberthwaite, Coniston, Stairway to Heaven

The final checkpoint will once again be managed by Janet & Lisa. Their CP is named and themed ‘The Stairway to Heaven’. From here, the only way is up…

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