Recce weekend January 28th 2017, Ambleside to Coniston Night Run

The second recce of the 2016/17 season covers the ground from Ambleside to Coniston and is relevant for both 50 and 100 mile runners. This is the final 16 miles of the 50 and 100 miles course. The route leave Ambleside Parish Hall (CP12) and climbs over Loughrigg, before following the main track into Great Langdale to reach CP13 Chapel Stile. From here the route continues to the end of Great Langdale before climbing to Blea Tarn. The next stop is Tilberthwaite (CP14) and the dreaded stair case, before one final descent into Coniston and the finish. This section will be a night run, starting and finishing in darkness.

The location for the Saturday guest talks will be Ambleside Parish Hall,  in Ambleside, the exact location is HERE. There is no parking outside the hall so please use public car parks in Ambleside.

All recce days cost £15, the cost includes all guest talks, refreshments, coach transportation, guides, checkpoint manning and food/drink at checkpoints. You will need to find your own accommodation if staying Saturday evening.

Saturday January 28th

10:00am Arrive at Parish Hall, free tea/coffee
10:30am Navigation skills for trail runners part 1 – General Nav
11:30am refreshments
12:00pm Navigation skills for trail runners part 2 – Night Nav
1:00pm Overview of the recce route (Terry Gilpin)
1:30pm Finish, questions and drive to Coniston
3:30pm Coach pick up at John Ruskin School, Lake Rd, Coniston
4:00-4:30pm Coach drop off Ambleside and start run to Coniston

There will be ‘guides’ available on the day, to help you navigate but they are not there to ‘follow’. You should be prepared to navigate and learn the route, the guides will support you.

What Do I Need To Bring?

The navigation talk will be part practical. Please bring a compass together with the Ambleside-Coniston section of the roadbook and a map. You can download the map/roadbook from the website HERE or purchase them from our event shop page.

For the recce you must ensure that you are carrying the full kit you will be required to carry on race day. You can see the full kit list HERE. Please make sure your headtorches are fully charged and you have spare batteries if required. You only need to carry the Ambleside-Coniston section of the map/roadbook for this recce. If you need to purchase any kit, please visit out event shop page.

General Information

Due to the recce day being completely full, there will be no room in the hall for extra guests. Please refrain from bringing friends and family to the talk. Dogs are also not allowed in the hall so please, no dogs.

As you board the coaches you will need to check we have the correct mobile number for the phone you are carrying on the recce day and also your emergency contact details. Please ensure your contact details are correct on your recce entry form as it will speed up the coach loading on the day. You can check/amend these HERE.

You must make sure you sign in at all the checkpoints on the recce route. These are at Chapel Stile, Tilberthwaite & Coniston. Please make sure you sign in at Coniston before you go home. If the last support runner passes a checkpoint and there is an outstanding runner, we will attempt to contact you via your mobile phone number provided. To avoid unnecessary phone calls please make sure you check in. There will be jelly babies/biscuits/water supplied at Chapel Stile & Tilberthwaite.

Emergencies On The Route

Should you experience a major injury that prevents you from continuing you must contact the organisers who will either send a medic or call 999. If you get lost please contact the organisers so that they can try to establish your location.

Chris Kitchin – 07446235604

Jo McWilliams – 07743447220

Please ensure these emergency numbers are saved in your mobile phones.

See you all on 28th January.

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