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Camping at Coniston School

Camping at Coniston School is available free of charge. There are portable toilets and showers on site for all competitors, there is also water access. We estimate that 80% of competitors will use the free camping service, but we have rules which we must enforce to ensure that everyone can use the service:

1. The camping pitch is one car and one tent. The tent should be no bigger than a normal car and that is the space you will have allocated.

2. Your partners / family are allowed to stay with you, but they must arrive in the same car and fit into the same tent.

We enforced these rules last year and they worked with great effect. Up until 2015, we had many issues with people pitching huge gazebos and tents which take up a large amount of space. As a result, some competitors were not able to camp as there was no space left.

For this reason, we’re asking you to adhere to the rules for 2016. Please consider that if you bring a large tent, you are taking a fellow competitors camping space away from them.

Guidelines are as follows:

1. Pitch for one car and one tent (similar size to average car).

2. Family members welcome in that car / tent.

3. Small campervans and motorhomes (no bigger than transit size) allowed, please don’t then add another tent or gazebo.

4. Small caravans allowed (no electricity hitch), please don’t then add another tent or gazebo.

5. If you arrive with a large tent or gazebo to pitch, you will be asked to take it down. Please don’t abuse marshals who are volunteering their time over the weekend.

6. If you do have a large tent and you require more space, Coniston Hall campsite is in the next field from the school. You can contact them and see details/prices here:

7. Dogs are allowed on the school field, but must be kept on a lead at all times. They are not allowed in the school at any time.

8. No open fires on the school field.

Please adhere to these rules and cosider others. There is only so much that we can provide, the rest relies on you being fair and accommodating your fellow competitors.

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Course Amendment

The recent floods in Cumbria have had a devastating effect on some of the footpaths and bridges and we have had to change the route you will need to take on the stretch of the Lakeland 100 between the Blencathra Centre and Dockray.

The route will initially follow the same course as last year as you leave the Blencathra checkpoint but, unlike last year, when you reach the tarmac road, you will turn Left not Right and continue along the road for just over 2km, passing through the hamlet of Westcoe, to the T junction where you will need to turn Right towards the A66. Make sure you don’t cross the busy A66 but turn Right again and take the footpath alongside the road for 200m and follow it down onto the Railway Footpath to cross the large metal railway bridge. As soon as you cross the bridge you will meet the original track, turn immediate U turn Left and you are back on the route that’s in the current Roadblock.

You can view the segment on Strava by Clicking here.

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