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The 2015 Montane Lakeland 50 & 100

The 8th year for the Montane Lakeland 50 & 100 was a classic in so many ways. We had worried about the 11811500_931403693573060_2450070895642968374_nweather, with forecasts changing daily, but on race weekend it was perfect. 305 started the 100 route and 209 finished, giving a 69% success rate, the highest to date. There were 615 starters in the 50 of which 585 finished, giving the standard 95% success rate.

There were new champions across the board, but no records broken this year.

Male 100

1. Paul Tierney 20:42:07
2. Marco Consani 21:45:50
=3. Jason Lewis 23:01:39
=3. Duncan Oakes

Female 100

1. Carol Morgan 25:47:32
2. Katie Boden 28:36:19
=3. Isobel Wykes 29:23:52
=3. Nicky Taylor 29:23:52

Male 50

1. Jayson Cavill 8:04:24
2. Matty Brennan 8:28:24
3. Paul Grundy 8:28:54

Female 50

1. Sally Fawcett 8:43:43
2. Debbie Martin Consani 9:04:30
3. Mel Varvel 9:21:57

The 100 runners started on Friday evening at 6:00pm, following a live rendition of Nessun Dorma by opera siger Alexander Wall and had perfect conditions through their first night. The weather was equally kind for the 5011800157_728062027337316_5804399342065688345_n runners who joined their compatriots on Saturday morning, starting from Dalemain at 11:30am. This year in particular the checkpoints reached a completely new level, with the fancy dress and various themes entertaining runners throughout the course.

The event was memorable for many reasons, and a fitting finale was the oldest ever competitor, Harry Johnson, finishing the 50 miles course in a time of 23 hours and 43 minutes. Harry received a standing ovation from 600 runners who attended the prize presentation on Sunday at 12 noon. A note to all who asked, Harry is home and well, contemplating the 100 next year.

The event generated at estimated £38,000 which will be distributed to various charities and good causes throughout the North West. Beneficiaries include Air Ambulance, Mountain Rescue, footpath repairs and voluntary groups who support social and sporting activities for children.

Full results can be found by CLICKING HERE
photos can be found by CLICKING HERE

Entries for 2016 open September 1st 9:00am

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Things to remember

There’s less than a week to go and the forecast is looking pretty good which means that it’s going to be bouncing off the floor and running down the roads.

There’s a few things to remember for this weekend which are very important:

1. Make sure you’ve read the camping guidelines, don’t turn up with a huge tent to accommodate a large family and take someone else’s space, or you’ll be asked to use Coniston Hall next door. Please be sensible and be fair to your fellow competitors. Camping is available from Friday 9:00am, no camping Thursday night.

2. Registration is FRIDAY for both 50 & 100 competitors. The Saturday registration is EMERGENCY registration. It is impossible to register a large number of people Saturday morning and would result in the whole event being delayed.

3. Bring photo ID to registration. Drivers license or something else with photo is fine, but we need to ensure that’s it’s YOU who is registering.

4. Bring your full kit to registration, you can’t register without it. All team mates for pairs or teams of 3 must register together.

5. Check the compulsory kit list and don’t try and bend the rules. During recent years, we’ve had some horrific changes in weather mid-race, which has put some people in real difficulty. It’s not complicated, read the list and bring what’s requested. Don’t add stress to your weekend by having to go emergency shopping due to incorrect kit. If you need last minute stuff call The Endurance Store: 01257 251217, they’ll be there all weekend and can bring stuff to registration for you.

6. Read the competitor notes (go to web home page and see the latest news section, click to download the PDF). It’s fair to say 95% of the problems we encounter, is due to the fact that competitors have not read any information prior to the event and are only find out when they arrive. Read the information in detail so there are no surprises and no upsets during the weekend. We promise it’ll be a lot more enjoyable…

All of the information regarding the points above has been emailed to competitors over the last 8 weeks. Each of the items are posted on this blog. Check the ‘recent posts’ and ‘archives’ sections on the right hand menu of this page and select the relevant blog posts. As mentioned above, the full competitor notes can be found on the homepage of

This is probably the final contact we will have prior to Friday. We’ll see you all in Coniston for what promises to be another amazing weekend of trail running.


Over and out.

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Supporters on the Course

This blog post outlines how your supporters can see and support you on the course and keep up to date with your progress throughout the race.

1. There is a large screen at Coniston which will be displaying all runners live progress as they pass through checkpoints. Your spectators will be able to access this screen and monitor your progress during specific hours. They will not be able to access it from 11pm Friday through to 6am Saturday, as the hall will be closed.

2. Spectators can sign up for SI Updates, you can do this within your SI entry by adding mobile numbers that you’d like texts to be sent to as you pass through each checkpoint. This is the same as the info displayed on the big screen, supporters will receive a text to inform them of the CP and the time you went through. The cost for this is very small to cover texting charges etc, but this is the best way for your supporters to keep up to date with your progress throughout the event. SI will be sending out an email in the next week to inform you how to register for this service, if you haven’t already.

Where can they watch me on the course – IMPORTANT – READ THIS TO AVOID A DISQUALIFICATION

1. Supporters cannot run on the course with you, this is deemed outside assistance. This is only allowed for the initial 4 miles loop of Dalemain Estate for the 50 event (supporters joining you for the first 4 miles is encouraged).

2. Supporters MUST NOT enter the checkpoint buildings, CP staff will ask them to leave as they generally ‘get in the way’ of other competitors and CP staff.

3. There are specific points on the course where they can watch you. We have agreed with local councils, National Trust and National Park to avoid key areas. If your supporters go to these areas to watch you, it will result in a disqualification. The specific areas where supporters can watch as as follows:

100 Course:

  • Coniston (start and finish – please do not support in village centre after midnight as this can upset local residents)
  • CP3 Wasdale (specifically from Wasdale Inn)
  • Keswick – back of Fitz park before climbing Latrigg and on A66 approaching this point

50 & 100 Course

  • CP8 Dalemain Estate (parking available and friends / family of 50 competitors may join you for the initial 4 miles loop)
  • Pooley Bridge – main village (100 & 50 competitors)
  • CP12/4 Ambleside – main village (100 & 50 competitors) *can spectators please avoid entering the Parish Hall checkpoint. Ambleside is a key location for spectators.
  • Skelwith Bridge Hotel
  • Elterwater village

It Is extremely difficult for us to police the above regulations so we are asking YOU as a competitor to take responsibility, help us to ensure the race runs as smooth as possible and also to ensure that the event continues to take place every year forwards from now. We welcome you to the Lakeland 50 & 100 family, let’s jointly make this work.

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None Shall Sleep…

Completing 100 miles within the 40 hours time limit requires runners to travel through at least one full night, often 2 . Hallucinations are common amongst competitors and in 2012 one runner was convinced that he had passed opera singer Paul Potts (Britain’s Got Talent winner), who was humming Nessun Dorma at the time. The relevance of this story is that Nessun Dorma translates as ‘none shall sleep’ which seemed appropriate given the circumstances of the runners. Roll forwards 12 hours and during the Sunday presentation party, a Twitter conversation with Paul Potts, reveals that it was in fact him on the course and not a hallucination at all…. much to the amusement of those tired souls who attended the presentation.

Such was the relevance and popularity of this story, in 2013 we adopted Nessun Dorma as the official Lakeland 100 anthem, to be played at the start line. What was intended as a humorous act became an emotional moment. Runners and families were silent as the anthem played and there were a few tears shed for the epic challenge they were about to embark upon.

Following that moment in 2013, our anthem was set and it’s now part of the event history. We went one step further in 2014 by inviting Tenor Alexander Wall who has performed with the Royal Opera House and the English National Opera to name only a few. He sang at the start line to send runners on their way. We’re pleased to announce that Alexander is back for 2015 and will once again sing the anthem on the start line.

We would like all family members, supporters and 50 runners to come and experience the start of the 100 mile event from Coniston John Ruskin School at 6:00pm, Friday 24th July. It’s part of the event history so make it part of your weekend experience.

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