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Montane Lakeland 50 & 100, Official Training Package

The Montane Lakeland 50 & 100 is pleased to announce the launch of the official 2014 Lakeland 50 & 100 coaching 2012-07-2816-24-44 package. The service will be provided by The Endurance Coach and has been designed for competitors of all abilities who want to maximise their training in preparation for this challenging and iconic event.

The program begins March 1st and provides structured, progressive training leading up to the event. You will be provided with a rolling 4-weekly bespoke program and will receive ongoing support and advice throughout the process.

To ensure the training is specific to your individual requirements an initial VO2 max running assessment (worth £95) is included. The test provides accurate training zones and highlights physiological strengths and weaknesses which will be addressed in the program.

In addition to a training schedule you will also receive advice on race kit and footwear, and be advised on nutrition strategies throughout training and during the event itself.

The coaching package will be led by Marc Laithwaite and Nick Thomas, both experienced ultra-endurance athletes and coaches with over 40 years’ competitive experience between them.

Official 2014 Lakeland 50 & 100 Coaching Package Includes:

Initial consultation at The Endurance Coach
VO2 max running test and technique assessment

The Initial testing and assessment should be completed in February, to being training March 1st. Upon registration you will be contacted to arrange a testing date as soon as possible. Testing takes place at The Endurance Coach testing facility, Wigan, WN6 9AE.

5 x monthly rolling bespoke training program
Regular training feedback and advice
Nutrition strategies for training and during the event
Footwear, race kit and clothing advice
Lakeland 50 & 100 route insight
Psychological considerations


£90 per month for 5 month period (first £90 payment taken upon registration and then every month thereafter (total 5 payments).

Please note: The Endurance Coach don’t provide generic programs or subscribe to the cut-and-paste approach when writing training schedules. Each program is written to your specific requirements.

To discuss the coaching package in more detail please contact Nick Thomas (07968 140256) or email for more information.

Places are extremely limited, so register to avoid disappointment by CLICKING HERE

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