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Who’s there to make you feel better?

The medical team for this year’s Montane Lakeland 50 & 100 are there to assist, should you need it. Ultimately you are responsible for your own safety and wellbeing and should you need to put a plaster on your blister, that’s something you’ll need to do yourself. The medical team are there for serious conditions and emergencies, so don’t be surprised if you’re told to ‘man up’ / ‘woman up’ and crack on!!

What’s on the course?

Buttermere CP4 – First Aid Team

Dalemain CP8 – First Aid Team + Doctor

Kentmere CP11 – First Aid Team + Doctor

Coniston Finish – First Aid Team + Doctor + Sports Therapy / Massage

First Aid

Provided by Audra Banks First Aid, Audra is a past competitor in both the 50 & 100 mile event and her team are experienced sports competitors.


Dr Paul Simpson (lead doctor) is a fell runner and cyclist based in Kendal, he has been the event doctor every year and is now a familiar figure at Dalemain.

Dr Katie Williams is a keen trail runner who will not only be supporting her partner in the 50, but everyone else!


Nick Bennett and Neal Jones are clinical skill educators, one of their roles is to train medical staff how to deal with emergency situations and intensive care.

Sports Therapy & Massage

Provided by situated in Wigan and Clitheroe. They will be providing sports therapy and massage support at the finish line in Coniston.

*The demand for post-event massage is always high, if you know anyone who’d like to come along and help for experience, please contact us, all are welcome whether in training or qualified!

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