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The Big Lakeland Recce Weekend, March 30th & 31st 2013

The Big Lakeland Recce Weekend, March 30th and 31st, cover the course from Dalemain (Pooley Bridge) to Ambleside.

Guest Talks, Saturday 30th March, Ambleside

We have some great guest speakers lined up for the weekend. Dr Paul Simpson has been the official race doctor since year 1 and he’ll be discussing why people fail to finish the event, perhaps something worth taking note of! Maxine Grimshaw, one of last year’s most popular speakers, returns to give her entertaining view on the middle of the pack. We also have the Montane Lakeland 50 female course Dalemain_142record holder. Tracy Dean finished 5th overall in 2012 (only 4 men ahead of her) and she will discuss preparation, training and answer your questions. The location for the guest talks on Saturday 30th will be the kelsick Hall, Mary’s Lane in Ambleside, the exact location is HERE. There is no parking outside the hall so please use public car parks in Ambleside.

5:30pm Arrive, free refreshments available
6:00pm Why people don’t finish, an overview of medical issues by Dr Paul Simpson
6:30pm Break
6:45pm The Lakeland 50, a middle pack perspective by Maxine Grimshaw
7:30pm Break, free refreshments available
8:00pm The Lakeland 50, a course record holder’s perspective by Tracy Dean
8:45pm Break
9:00pm Brief overview of Sunday’s route by Terry Gilpin
9:30pm Finish

Dalemain to Ambleside, Sunday 31st March

7:45am Arrive at coach pick up point in centre of Ambleside
8:00am Coach will leave from centre of Ambleside LOCATION HERE *This is not the same location as previous recce days, please check!!
9:00am (approx) Coach will drop off in Pooley Bridge next to public loos (not Dalemain Estate) and you will start route to Ambleside

There are 3 official checkpoints between Pooley Bridge and Ambleside:

1. Howtown WILL NOT be manned, continue along the route, do not descend tarmac track to checkpoint
2. Mardale WILL be manned (car park) and you must sign in at this point
3. Kentmere WILL be manned (car opposite hall) and you must sign in at this point
4. Ambleside (finish) WILL be manned and you must sign in at this point


If the weather does not allow us to drive vehicles to Howtown, Mardale and Kentmere (this is currently the case with some roads blocked), we will complete a course recce from Ambleside to Coniston instead. We will leave this decision as late as possible and consult with local highways and authorities prior to the weekend. If we do change the course for the weekend, the pick up time will remain the same but the coach will collect from John Ruskin School in Coniston (not centre of Ambleside as detailed above) and transport you to Ambleside to start the run.

There will be ‘guides’ available on the day to help you navigate but they are not there to ‘follow’. You should be prepared to navigate and learn the route, the guides will support you. You should bring full kit as per the event requirements and you will need a copy of the road book (which can be downloaded from the site) and a map (either printed from the site or purchased). If you have a GPS you should also bring this, the routes are available from the Lakeland 50&100 website. please note that there will be no GPS support throughout the weekend and we will not have access to the routes/tracks for you to download.

To sign up to the recce day, go to and log in using your username and password originally used when you entered. Click the edit button and add the relevant recce dates before saving your changes and paying the fee owed. All recce days cost £15, with a minimum of £4 going to charity. If you’re not competing in this year’s Montane Lakeland 50 & 100 but with to attend the recce weekend, you can sign up HERE

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