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Montane Lakeland Recce Weekends, open to all runners..

The popularity of the Montane Lakeland Recce Weekends has lead us to open them to non-competitors. The format for the weekends is guest speakers on Saturday, followed by a run on Sunday, covering part of the course. You can find the event registration at or read more and click the relevant links below. All weekends cost £15 (aside from June which is £30), the £15 fee includes all Saturday workshops, the Sunday transport and run and £4 from each registration is donated to charity.

March 30th & 31st, Big Lakeland Recce Weekend 2, Ambleside

Saturday includes 2 guest speakers from 6:00 – 9:00pm. Guest Speakers for this session are 50 course record holder Tracy Dean and regular contributor Maxine Grimshaw. Click the links below for more information or to register.


May 18th & 19th, Big Lakeland Recce Weekend 3, Keswick

Saturday includes 2 guest speakers from 6:00 – 9:00pm. The presentations are ‘nutrition principles’ and ‘injury prevention’.

MORE INFO HERE (not yet available)

June 22nd & 23rd, Big Lakeland Recce Weekend 4, Ambleside

This is a double weekend, covering Dalemain to Ambleside on Saturday and Ambleside to Coniston on Sunday with a guest speaker on Saturday evening in Ambleside. You can register individually for either Saturday or Sunday and attend the guest talk (£15) or join us for both days running (£30).

MORE INFO HERE (not yet available)

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The Big Lakeland Recce Weekend, January 12th&13th 2013, Coniston to Buttermere or Boot to Buttermere

Please read the following information carefully, some of the information has changed. You MUST complete the form below to inform us which run distance you will be completing on Sunday 13th.

NB: Registrations close Wednesday midnight but due to high number of registrations, may close earlier. No registrations accepted after this time.

What Happens Sunday 13th?

There are 2 run options on Sunday 13th January:

1. Long – Coniston to Buttermere
2. Short – Boot to Buttermere

The long option is approximately 25 miles with severe climbs and descents of Black Sail Pass and Scarth Gap. The shorter option is approximately half the distance, but still includes Black Sail and Scarth Gap. Last year the final finishers of the long recce run arrived at Buttermere at 8:30pm, it is not an option for walkers and must be approached as a run. If you are not a strong runner, we recommend the shorter route option which is by no means easy!!

For both options the navigation is not simple and will require you to use map and road book to successfully complete the route. Compulsory kit is absolutely critical for both route options and a head torch will be required for both routes. You must come prepared with road book, map and GPS if you choose.

There will be 2 coaches leaving Buttermere, the first will drop off at Coniston John Ruskin School (long route) and the other at Boot where the 100 course crosses the road (short run). The drive to Boot is longer and slower and your start time will therefore be later than the Coniston runners (don’t expect to therefore finish several hours ahead – hence the torch is compulsory).

We will have a register of attendees with emergency contact and mobile numbers. There will be a minibus waiting for the last runners so those who need to pull out at Wasdale will have the option, but please do not rely upon this and presume you can stop at Wasdale. if you do not intend to complete the full distance from Coniston to Buttermere, you should not start the long route.

You must sign in at each of the checkpoints on the route so we can safely end the recce. The two checkpoints are Boot and Wasdale, there will be no checkpoint at Seathwaite (CP1). If you do not sign in at checkpoints, you will be presumed missing. Water and basic refreshments will be available, but please bring any other drinks or food for the day. It is critical that you sign in at the finish to confirm your safe return.

Sunday morning, the coach departs 8:00am from the public parking spaces at the foot of Newlands Pass, Butttermere. For Google Map location GO HERE. Please arrive no later than 7:45am, it is approximately 40 mins drive from Keswick and you will need 10 minutes to find suitable parking.

You need to complete the survey below to tell us which distance you will be running. THIS SURVEY IS FOR PEOPLE ALREADY REGISTERED ON THE WEEKEND, IT IS NOT A ‘REGISTRATION DOCUMENT FOR THE WEEKEND’. If you’re not yet registered, do this through SIentries.


What’s Happening Saturday 12th?

Location Crosthwaite Church Hall

10:00am Running Technique with Marc Laithwaite

Marc Laithwaite is founder of The Endurance Coach: and used to run quickly, but now runs much slower. Refusing to believe that this is related to age alone, he thinks far too much about running technique and constructs theories of performance when he should be working.

A 2 hour workshop which examines the theory of running technique and how you can become a more effective long distance athlete. This workshop will consist of theory delivery for 60 minutes, followed by practical running drills for 40-60 minutes and will be  a progression from the session delivered at Ambleside in November. You should attend in running clothes so you are able to participate in the skills workshop which will be outdoors (weather permitting!!).

12:00pm Refreshments at Church Hall

12:30pm The use of poles for ultra running with Geoff Cox

Dr Geoff Cox is a committed ‘back of the pack’ ultra-runner who makes his living as an expert in how adults learn. He is Director of  RSVP Design: and is competing in the Montane Lakeland 100 in 2013. He uses poles and thinks you should too..

To be frank, we’re sick of this question appearing on the Facebook page so you can decide for yourself by attending this workshop. The session will consist of a 30 minute theory session and discussion relating to different types of poles, height and techniques for use. Following the theory session you will be split into 2 groups (the groups will be split prior to the weekend and lists will be available when you arrive).

Group 1 will head to a pre-planned location (Latrigg) and you will use the poles to climb descend and find out for yourself whether it’s easier or harder with or without. The practical session will run from 1:00pm – 2:00pm, during this time group 2 are free to go for lunch in Keswick. At 2:00pm, group 2 members should arrive at the pre-planned location (don’t go to the hall) and group 1 members are free for lunch 2:00 – 3:00pm.

Mountain king will be supplying poles for the practical session. Their Trail Blaze poles are widely used amongst ultra runners in both the 50 and 100 mile events. Should you wish to purchase a pair at the recce weekend, they will be discounted.

3:30pm My kit and how to carry it, with Richard Bardon

Richard Bardon is owner of The Endurance Store: and has completed the Montane Lakeland 100 and 50 (on several occasions). He is the official gear tester for The Endurance Store, a position which he relishes as he gets lots of free stuff..

If you do use the Facebook page, you’ll see a recurring theme here. This session will cover everything related to your kit and how to carry it. We’ll start by working through the compulsory kit list and then discuss key questions such as:

1. How should I carry it? Pack or Bumbag?
2. Bottles on holders or bladder in the pack?
3. Which jacket and trousers?
4. Base layers
5. Emergency kit
6. Torches

7:00pm Social evening – the Big Lakeland Recce Weekend Quiz Night!!

This will be the highlight of the weekend, please bring your own food and drink to the village hall for the quiz night to beat all others. Hosted by Richard Bardon and Clare Shannon, questions are likely to involve popular culture, music, cartoon characters and flags of the world.. not that he’s predictable. We may even stretch to prizes for the winning team, but that’s not a promise.

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