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Essential things you need to know before the day..

Before traveling, please take a look through the notes below which are based upon problems we encountered last year. We would like the event to run with minimal impact and problems, by acting on the points below you would help us a great deal and ensure your own weekend is as enjoyable as possible.

In addition to reading the notes below, please ensure that you have logged into the competitor area and downloaded/read the pdf competitor information pack:

Username: Lakeland
Password: runlakeland2012


1. Please plan to arrive Friday for the event, for those doing the 50 there is an emergency registration Saturday morning but this is intended for exceptional circumstances
2. There is no camping for competitors Thursday or Sunday at the school, this has been confirmed today by the school. If you are arriving earlier than Friday and staying later than Sunday, please contact Coniston Hall campsite
3. Note that the camping field at the school closes midnight Friday and re-opens Saturday morning


1. You will need PHOTO ID to register
2. Check the kit list on the competitor area and bring all kit to registration
3. There are no changes to information or categories prior to the event
4. It is not possible to register in someone else’s name or change people prior to the event
5. If part of a pair or team, you cannot register for your team members, all must be present

*If you intend to purchase kit on Friday at Coniston, please phone The Endurance Store 01257 251217 and ensure they bring the items required. There are very limited outdoor / running supplies in Coniston itself.


1. There is no internet access at the school / camping field
2. It is not possible to download the route to GPS or access GPS support at Coniston from any staff, this must be done in advance

Live event monitoring – follow competitors via the web

Please ask your friends, family and other supporters to follow you live by clicking the link below:

The monitoring system will also be live at Coniston John Ruskin School showing progress of all competitors throughout the weekend. Please note that some of the checkpoint updates are delayed due to poor satellite signalling.

Friends and supportersPLEASE READ

We have spent a great deal of time discussing the impact of this event with local councils, national park and nation trust members. For the event to go ahead, impact must be kept to a minimum. For this reason it is clearly highlighted in the event notes where spectators may view from on the course. There are several places / opportunities for spectators to see runners on the route and all other locations are strictly out of bounds, for the future security of the event. Last year 5% of competitors chose to ignore this rule and friends and family followed them round the course, meeting them at areas we had specifically requested be avoided. Checkpoint staff asked them to leave and several were argumentative and abusive to the checkpoint volunteers. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule and there is no excuse for not being aware. If checkpoint staff report that spectators have visited ‘out of bounds’ checkpoints to support a competitor, this will result in an immediate 1 hour time penalty. If it happens a second time, it will result in disqualification. There are no exceptions to this rule, whether you’re the winner, the final finisher or somewhere between. The rules are in place to guarantee the future of the event, please respect all the hard work and commitment to this point, which has made the event possible for 2012.

Coniston and the finish line

Those who attended last year may recall that we did have some conflict with local residents due to supporters applauding in the town centre after midnight. It would be a great help to us all if spectators could gather at the official finish line after 11:00pm and avoid the town centre / residential areas.

We look forwards to seeing you all on Friday and greeting you all at the finish, it’s going to be a great weekend and a whole lot of fun..


Marc & Terry

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