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Recce weekend 1..

Great weekend by all accounts with over 50 people attending the talks on Saturday evening and 65 runners on Sunday. Thanks to the Andy Mouncey and the team at for delivering a group talk regarding preparation for the events and all the checkpoint staff who fed and watered the runners en-route. The weather was a bit of a mixed bag with sunshine, wind, rain and hail stones, all mixed in with rainbows. it was a great sight to see so many people setting off from Ambleside and the climb over Loughrigg ensured everyone warmed up pretty quickly!

There was a great mixture of people, ranging from Paul Navesey who seemed to treat the course like a 5k stroll and set off from Ambleside as though being chased by the law. There were also several people who appeared to following rainbows.. you know who you are.. and were definitely awarded the golden ticket for enthusiasm. A total of £150 was raised for fix the fells and a further £150 for Ambleside Mountain Rescue, in addition, a further £100 will be donated to the Kelsick Hall in Ambleside.

The next recce day takes place on January 14th & 15th and covers the course from Coniston to Buttermerre, the first 25 miles of the 100 course. There will be guest talks in Keswick Saturday evening and it’s approx 30-40 mins drive in the morning from Keswick to the pick up point at Buttermere. The route is hard going and rough terrain, last year the last finisher reached Buttermere at 8:00pm. You should expect to do a great deal of this in the dark unless you’re super strong and the terrain over Blacksail Pass and Scarth Gap is steep and rough. It is a stark contrast to recce 1, the easier section of the course. Everyone is welcome but come prepared with full kit and head torch! Navigation will be critical on this section, it’s a real mountain challenge, don’t expect to follow!

We’ll see you there..


Marc, Terry and the team


November Recce Weekend, Final Details..

For Saturday evening guest talks, arrive 5:30pm for 6:00pm start. There will be 2 presentations, each 60 mins maximum with break between. Coffee, tea and biscuits will be free on the evening, any voluntary donations will be given to charity. The location of the guest talks is the Kelsick Hall, St Mary’s Lane, Ambleside, LA22 9DG. For Google Map location GO HERE

There will be a register at the door as you arrive, if you are bringing family/friends/guests who have not paid to join the recce, we ask that they donate £5 to charity in return for the guest talks and refreshments, this is paid at the door.

Sunday morning, the coach departs 8:30am at Coniston John Ruskin School . Please arrive at 8:00am, it is approximately 20-30 mins drive from Ambleside and there is parking at the school, pay at the ‘honesty box’. The coach will drop you off at Ambleside Lakes Runner, we will have a register of attendees with emergency contact and mobile numbers.

Bring map, roadbook and GPS if available, it is your responsibility to do the preparation beforehand and be ready to go. We will not have maps, roadbooks or any GPS assistance on the day. You must also bring full kit as per competitor area, TheEnduranceStore will be there on Saturday evening, if you need anything in advance they will bring and deliver to you. Email or go to

You must sign in at each of the checkpoints on the route so we can safely end the recce. The two checkpoints are Chapel Stile (Langdale) and Tilberthwaite. If you do not sign in at checkpoints, you will be presumed missing. Water and basic refreshments will be available, but please bring any other drinks or food for the day. It is critical that you sign in at the finish to confirm your safe return.

Please note that registration for this recce day will close Wednesday 23rd November.


Recce weekends.. the basics explained

A lot of questions about this so here goes:

The recce weekends will cover 1 of 4 sections to the course:

Section 1: Coniston to Buttermere (100 course only)
Section 2: Buttermere to Dalemain (100 course only)
Section 3: Dalemain to Ambleside (50 & 100 course)
Section 4: Ambleside to Coniston (50 & 100 course)

Dates are as follows:

November 27th Section 4
January 15th Section 1
April 1st Section 3
May 13th Section 2
June 23rd& 24th Sections3 (Saturday) & Section 4 (Sunday)

Q: Why are they done as 4/1/3/2 and not just 1/2/3/4?

A: Anyone doing the 100 should be very comfortable running on the fells in the dark, this may be less so for 50 competitors, especially if it’s your first ultra. Section 4 is the shortest and can be done in November in daylight, section 3 is longer and therefore needs to be done in April or later when the clocks have gone forwards to give an extra hour of daylight.

Q: If I’m doing the 50 can I join the 100 runners for sections 1 & 2?

A: Of course, we welcome everyone as these are great training runs and maybe one day you’ll fancy a crack at the 100? Things to note are that these sections are tough and may be done in darkness. Last year during the recce of section 1 (due to take place in Jan) runners were still finishing at 8-9pm in the evening, completing Gatesgarth Pass and Scarth Gap in darkness.

How does the weekend work?

On Saturday evenings we have a guest speaker and then the run takes place on Sunday (On the June weekend we have guest speaker Saturday but you will be running both Saturday and Sunday). The town in which the guest talks take place is the town in which we recommend you find accommodation. Location will be as follows:

November 27th Section 4 – Guest talk in Ambleside
January 15th Section 1 – Guest talk in Keswick
April 1st Section 3 – Guest talk in Ambleside
May 13th Section 2 – Guest talk in Keswick
June 23rd& 24th Sections3 (Saturday) & Section 4 (Sunday) – Guest talk in Ambleside

On Sunday morning you need to drive to the end point for that day and you will be collected by coach and taken back to the start. For example, on November 27th, recce section 4, Ambleside to Coniston. You will stay in Ambleside and drive to Coniston Sunday morning (20 mins). You will be picked up 8:30am by coach in Coniston and driven back to Ambleside to start the run for that day.

As stated earlier, we recommend you find accommodation in the same town as the guest talk. In the morning you will generally have no more than a 20-30 mins (max) drive to the finish for that day and coach collection.

Q: Why do we drive to the finish and not just bring you back by coach?

A: Faster runners can often finish the recce days up to 6 hours quicker than the last runners. If the coach were waiting to bring you back, it would have to be in place for 6 hours to collect everyone before you can get back to your car! Driving to the finish means that at the end of the day, you can get in your car and go home.

Q: What if I’m coming on the train or don’t have a car?

A: Please don’t presume that you can get a lift back to the start or to the station when you reach the end of the run, this isn’t the case. If you are travelling by train or don’t have a car, we suggest that you go onto the Facebook page and try to arrange with others beforehand. From the organisers, we cannot ferry any runners back to the start or any other location.

Q: What’s at the checkpoints?

A: We will count you through and provide ‘basic’ refreshments such as water, biscuits and flapjack. You should carry your own food and drink if required. You will also be counted in at the finish.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Full kit list as per website, food and drink, mobile phone charged, map and roadbook printed from website, GPS if you have the option – route downloaded from website.

Q: Will there be people to guide and help me navigate

A: Whilst there may be a number of people running who are there to guide, presume that the answer to this is NO. Ultimately you need to navigate yourself and you need to bring all the items as above, which will help you navigate the course.

Q: When does the sign up close?

A: Sign up closes on the Wednesday prior to the recce weekend as we need to confirm coach size and requirements. To register go back to your entry page and log in, then select to ‘edit’ your entry.

Q: If I’ve signed up, when do I get final details regarding pick-up times, location of guest talk etc?

A: We will email all those signed up on the Monday prior to the recce weekend, details will also be posted on this blog page in the week prior. You can find the blog page by going to the Lakeland 100 homepage and clicking the blog link.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: You’ll need to find your own accommodation and this is not included, the cost for the Saturday guest talk and Sunday run, including transport is £11 + £4 donation to charity (£15 total).

Q: If I can’t make it can I transfer my money to the next recce day?

A: You’ll need to tell us 1 week in advance otherwise this won’t be possible as transport, venues and refreshments have been booked and paid. If you tell us a week or more in advance.. no problem..

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