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Montane Lakeland 50 & 100 Recce Day 1, November 26th & 27th, 2011.

Once again we will be organising a series of recce days in the build up to UTLD 2012. Last year they were extremely popular and provided competitors with a great opportunity to speak to other runners, make new friends and meet old friends.

Recce day 1 is 5 weeks away and covers the section from Ambleside to Coniston, there are 2 presentations on Saturday evening in Ambleside which take place from 6-9pm, venue TBC based on numbers. Our 2 speakers will be Andy Mouncey from Alpine Oasis and Marc Laithwaite.

Who’s Andy?

Andy is well known to us at UTLD having placed 4th at our first L100 in 2008, then 2nd last year and 2nd again this year. So as far as we’re concerned he gets points for consistency if nothing else! Andy is also a truly inspirational & powerful speaker and a very well respected coach. This means you are going to get a presentation that will really move you and get to the heart of what it means to be successful on your own terms over 50 or 100 miles. One of the reasons Andy is so respected is that he’s very good at making the complex and intimidating stuff seem simple and compelling, and he loves to experiment and apply the lessons back into his coaching work. Last year, for instance, he went out from the gun at record pace. This year he started at the back and walked the first mile. Why? Because he was just curious! Both produced a second place, but this year he was faster by 1.5 hours – even though he swears blind he was nowhere near as fit. Andy tells me the main conclusion he came to as a result of testing those two very different approaches is that success over the big distances comes down to 3 factors – and he’s wrapped that up as ‘Ultra Running Made Ultra Simple’ for us on the 26th. How can you not be there?! You can read more about Andy HERE

Who’s Marc?

Marc established the Lakeland 50 & 100 events 4 years ago because ‘some friends didn’t fancy travelling abroad that year to do an ultra distance race’. In his ‘normal’ life Marc is a sports physiologist who spent many years working as a lecturer, followed by a medical position with British Cycling. He has a special interest in endurance athletes and performance, working with a wide range of ability levels. Marc has recently focused a great deal of his time questioning physiological theories and attempting to better understand why people slow down and what they can do to avoid it. The research within the world of ‘ultra-distance running’ is very limited, making this a cutting edge area for discussion. The presentation will focus on a combination of training techniques, coupled with dietary advice in a simple and practical manner. Whatever your ability level, you will learn something valuable from this presentation.

How Much?

The recce weekends cost £15 per person, this includes:

  1. Saturday evening presentations & refreshments
  2. Sunday morning coach transportation to the start
  3. Basic refreshments at checkpoints en route
  4. A minimum of £4 is donated to charity

What else will you have to pay for?

You will have to find and pay for your accommodation on Saturday evening, Ambleside should be your first choice!

How does the weekend work?

Attend the presentation Saturday evening and then on Sunday morning you will drive your car to Coniston, John Ruskin School, the finish point for the day. At 8:30am a coach will pick you up and drive you back to Ambleside to start at approx 9:15am. As you pass through checkpoints, you are checked off our list and can access water and basic refreshments. At the finish you sign to confirm your return and then you are free to drive home!

You will need to bring either a map with the route marked or a copy of the roadbook which you should print from the website competitor area. You will also find GPS downloads on the competitor area. There will be people running who know the route but ultimately you are responsible for your navigation and will not be ‘guided’. All ability levels are welcome.

These weekends are currently only available to people who have entered the event and you can sign up by going to and logging in with your username and password. If you intend to bring family or friends and they attend the evening presentations, we ask that they make a £5 donation to charity for attending and refreshments.

The closing date for each recce will be the Wendesday prior or when numbers reach a maximum limit.

We look forwards to seeing you there

Montane Lakeland 50&100 Team

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Montane Lakeland 50 Full for 2012

Dalemain Start Line.. surely you're not going to carry them for 50 miles?

I’m happy to announce that exactly 2 weeks after the event opened the Montane Lakeland 50 is now full for 2012 with 550 competitors. There are still a small number of places remaining for the 100 mile event. This will be the 5th running of the event and muself and Terry would like to thank you all for your support and we hope that you get as much enjoyment from the year as I’m sure we will.

There is a waiting list in operation at this moment and last year we did have a number of early withdrawals so don’t lose hope just yet if you wanted to compete next year.

We’ve had lots of interest from people who want to help out and I have a feeling that checkpoints will be bigger, better and have an even greater party atmosphere than any year previous.

Thanks again for your positivity and we’ll hopefully see you at the first recce day in November, if you’re out running today, I hope you enjoyed the most of the weather. If you’re Welsh.. bad luck, but they fought like heroes.

Marc Laithwaite


Planning in the process..

It’s 13th October 2011 and I’ve spoken to NNM travel in Penrith today to book coaches for 600 people to be transported from Coniston to Dalemain on July 28th 2012. They thought I was a bit keen.. but in my defence, I also booked coaches for the recce weekends which are already looming!

2011 post event presentation ceremony

The format of the recce weekends is a guest speaker Saturday evening, followed by a recce run Sunday (aside from June weekend which is 2 days running with the guest talk Saturday evening). Super speakers and past winners are already lined up for each weekend. Competitors drive early Sunday morning to the finish point for that day, where they are met by a coach, which returns them to the start for that day.. you then run to the finish, climb into your car and head home. We place someone at the CP locations to count you through and provide basic refreshments and the whol thing costs £15 which last year raised a good chunk of cash split between mountain rescue and fix the fells.

This year the event has filled faster than anticipated and there are currently 30-40 places remaining for either event as I write.. For the organiing team, it isn’t an event which takes place in July, it’s a full year of planning, recce days, newsletters and getting to know competitors. Hopefully it’ll be the same for you, join us for the recce days, make new running friends and contacts and by the time you get to July, you may well know a host of competitors!

It’s not just about the event weekend, it’s the journey to get there, the places it takes you to, the people you meet and the things you’ll learn.

Details of recce day 1 guest speakers coming soon, but it will be a good night and a better day running..

See you there,


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