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Breathe a little easier..

Terry, Marc and Joss at the March recce 2011

Some great news today and everything seems to be slipping into place for the 2012 Lakeland 50 & 100. A long meeting of staff lead a longer list of things to be improved on and we have 10 months to do it.. no problem.

A few scary and threatening barriers have been removed and we can now just crack on. I’m personally looking forwards to the recce days more than the race itself as they are always less stressful and hopefully this year I’ll get to run them.

Last winter I can remember the Coniston to Buttermere recce being a full moon and nobody needed a headtorch as it was a clear night running along the side of Buttermere. On the recce in March from Ambleside to Coniston, the weather was stunning and Langdale was bathed in sunshine.

I’ve got some great guest speakers lined up for some informative Saturday evening sessions and all in all the excitement is building! Montane are ‘psyched’ so roll on October 1st when entries open at 9:00am.

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